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Fitness Boxing, Sparring & self fefense in Hamburg

Boxing is also has a great value for self-defense, as many attributes such as a sense of distance, ability to react and timing are important components of training.

Beginner Boxing/Kickboxing

In the beginner boxing/kickboxing the basics of boxing/kickboxing are taught. Guide hand, punching hand, half-circle kick and some more are the content of these units. The purpose is to prepare the beginners in small groups optimally for fitness boxing/kickboxing. Each member can participate in this training 4 times. This ensures that our trainers always have enough time for real beginners.


Fitness boxing is a training session that burns a lot of fat in a short amount of time, in a pleasant environment with great trainers and members. In addition, the combination of technique & fitness helps to build self-defense skills.


If you want to really work out before work or during your lunch break, we have the opportunity to do so: We offer highly intensive boxing and kickboxing training in either 30 or 60-minute units. There is no fighting, the focus is on conditioning exercises, which enormously improve endurance, speed and strength and get the body in shape. The training is suitable for everyone who enjoys exercise and who wants to make good use of their time before work or during the lunch break. In the Zanshin Dojo, we place particular emphasis on friendly, injury-free and partnership-based training in our boxing training.


The technical sparring completes the offer. In the technical sparring all components of kickboxing and Thai boxing with protective equipment are trained under guidance without injury. Pad training, sandbag training and also sparring are the components of the lessons.

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