Filming in the Zanshin Dojo

What Zanshin Dojo has a very special atmosphere with its box gym, the stylish Japanese dojo, the large factory hall, the modern studio, the competent team and the friendly atmosphere. Some production companies have already recognized these and used them for their productions. More about this at the Credentials.

Whether filming, photo shooting or presentations, the Zanshin Dojo is a location full of character with its own charm. We also offer plenty of space (also for parking) in a central location and a competent, experienced and cooperative team.

Action Training

We offer individual training for an authentic appearance in action scenes. Even for actors inexperienced in martial arts.


We choreograph and rehearse convincing fight scenes for television, film and screenings. More on this under Choreography .


We stage martial arts shows with our experienced martial artists for breathtaking moments.

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