The Fitness Competition for Everybody

As a partner studio of Hyrox, we offer in our new Functional Training / Hyrox Hall in Hamburg a unique training, where you can not only keep fit, but also everyone can prepare for a Hyrox competition. With the latest equipment from Rogue no wishes remain open here. All exercises that are performed at the Hyrox competition can be trained with us. So you are well prepared. In our Hyrox courses our official Hyrox coaches show you what to pay attention to in the respective exercises. Curious? Arrange your free trial training now and power yourself up in a Hyrox session!

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What is Hyrox?

Hyrox is the first sport that combines 3 different training methods in one unique event: the Fitness Competetion for EVERY BODY. The combination of functional strength training, high-intensity interval training and classic endurance sports makes Hyrox not only unique, but also measurable.

Around 2500 athletes compete in the different divisions per event: Hyrox Men / Women and Hyrox Pro Men / Women. The competitors all face the same challenge: 8 hard workouts and 8x 1000m running. And it doesn't matter whether you're a recreational or professional athlete - because one thing is clear: in the end, everyone reaches their own limits.

Official Hyrox Competition Equipment

In the Offical Hyrox Gym "Werkshalle", nothing is left to be desired. Train with the official Hyrox Equipemt!

Hyrox training 4 times a week

Prepare for the next Hyrox competition or just compete yourself!


The 8 Excercises

1000 Meter Ski Erg 

2 x 25 Meter Sled Push

  • Men: 125 kg
  • Women: 75 kg

Pro Devision

  • Men: 175 kg
  • Women: 125 kg

2 x 25 Meter Sled Pull

  • Men: 75 kg 
  • Women: 50 kg

Pro Devision

  • Men: 125 kg
  • Women: 75 kg

80 Meter Burpee Broad Jump

1000 Meter Row Ergometer

200 Meter Kettle Bells Farmers Carry (Weight per Arm)

  • Men: 24 kg
  • Women: 16 kg

Pro Devision

  • Men: 32 kg
  • Women: 24 kg

100 Meter Sandbag Lunges

  • Men: 20 kg
  • Women: 10 kg

Pro Devision

  • Men: 30 kg
  • Women: 20 kg

Wall Balls

  • Men: 100 x 14 lbs
  • Women: 75 x 10 lbs

Pro Devision

  • Men: 100 x 20 lbs
  • Women: 100 x 14 lbs

Top ausgestattetes Gym, in dem man alle HYROX-Workouts perfekt trainieren kann! Zudem sind die Coaches von uns als "Official HYROX - Coaches" geschult worden. Das HYROX Branding in der Functional Halle rundet das Ganze ab und macht das Zanshin Dojo zu einem perfekten Partner für uns!

— Jacob Tilly, Hyrox Director of Sports & Head of Licensing

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