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What Zanshin Dojo offers a diverse range of courses from a wide variety of Martial arts and budo sports. Thereby all our training is for absolute beginners as well as for advanced users designed: Anyone can train immediately without fear of contact or threshold. Even martial artists with years of experience will find the appropriate Trainer d the appropriate training times. Of course, the following applies to all: The injury-free training is at the top of the list.

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Qualified martial arts training

Through worldwide educational trips and seminars, our trainers keep the quality of our teaching at a very high technical standard. For this reason, even with advanced students, steady progress is guaranteed. Martial artists from other styles can also feel at home with us.

Courses and seminars

The Zanshin Dojo and its coaching staff have good connections in the German and international martial arts scene. Participation in regional, national and international courses and seminars, which we organize ourselves several times a year, is part of our martial arts. We are always open to new ideas, suggestions and improvements.

Martial arts for Kids

In the afternoon hours we offer an extremely well thought-out concept for athletic self-defense for children: Ju-Jutsu for children and kickboxing for young people. We offer age-appropriate budo gymnastics for the little ones. You can find all further information about children's training here.

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The Zanshin Dojo was established in 1998


There are over 20 martial arts in the Zanshin Dojo

Martial arts classes

Over 500 courses for adults


Over 70 trainers in the Zanshin Dojo

2000 m²

Over 2000 m² training area

Training Rooms

7 training rooms and the additional workout area

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