Course Levels

Unmarked courses

These courses are open to everyone.

Beginners *

No prerequisites required; Entry possible at any time.


Prior knowledge is required. Participation in the courses is possible after consultation with the trainer.

Courses during the holidays

Opening and course times will appear in the news section prior to each holiday.

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Please arrange your free trial session by phone before your first visit. +49 40 89070352 oder per Mail an Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch!

This training is great for beginners and anyone who would like to do a trial training and have no experience in martial arts. Anyone who has just started their membership with us will receive 4 vouchers for this training. With these vouchers, we ensure that 1-8 participants can take part in the training and the trainer can teach you the basics in the best possible way.

Wenn du dir unsicher bist, ob und welche Ausrüstung du für dein nächstes Training brauchst, dann rufe uns kurz an unter +49 40 89070352 oder schreibe uns eine Mail an Außerdem findest du eine Auflistung der benötigten Ausrüstung auf dem ausgedruckten Trainingsplan, den du bei uns am Tresen mitnehmen kannst.

During the free training you can train freely in our premises. There are no courses at the advertised times. Free training is possible from the age of 18.

Strength training is possible from the age of 16 after an introduction with one of our trainers and the consent of the parents. From the age of 18 only the introduction with one of our trainers is necessary.

Participation in Krav Maga for beginners is possible from the age of 16. For all open and advanced units there is a minimum age of 18 years.

The star means that you can start at any time without prior knowledge. The F means that this course is only suitable for advanced learners and participation will be discussed with the trainer. If you would like to take part in one of the advanced units, please contact our trainers. All other unmarked courses are open to everyone.

Bitte vereinbare vor deinem ersten Besuch dein kostenloses Probetraining telefonisch unter +49 40 89070352 oder per Mail an Beim ersten Termin muss mindestens eine erziehungsberechtigte Person mit dabei sein. Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch!

Da unser Angebot so vielfältig ist, möchten wir dich individuell beraten. Bitte rufe uns telefonisch unter +49 40 89070352 an oder frag bei uns im Sutdio nach.

Das Probetraining ist kostenlos! Wer längerfristig testen möchte, kann im Rahmen unseres Probemonats unsere gesamte Vielfalt testen.

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