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Why Movement?

Movement gives me the opportunity to center myself, to switch off everyday life and all thoughts and to feel again in my body, to be one with body and mind. Moreover, there is no practice after which I cannot transfer parallels from the movement practice into "normal" life. Because life is movement and requires freedom in body and mind. I get both here.

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Movement is the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.

I am Egidijus Kel.
I don't see movement as a sport. Movement is a philosophy of life that accompanies me throughout the day.

The human body was not created to perform restricted movements! We are moving further and further away from the freedom of movement given to us. 8 hours of sitting, comfortable position at home, comfortable cars, just never have to squat, just never hang, because that would immediately produce pain and discomfort. But... where do we come from? What is our origin? What is our nature? What is hidden deep within us?

Most of the time with the head down in the direction of the cell phone display, just don't miss any more messages, no matter how unimportant they may be.
Cell phones ubiquitously take over the function of communicating and making deep friendships. The majority of our activities are carried out with the greatest possible convenience.

What we call sports today additionally restricts our physical freedom!!! Detach yourselves from it!!! Give yourselves and your body the freedom again to feel life to the fullest. Hang. Squat. Jump. Run. Fight. Move your spine. Let mobility become a routine. Get outside. Go out in the sun. Go out in the cold. Look for challenges. Let your body and mind awaken!
Our body cries out for movement!!! Our body cries out for freedom!

Movement is freedom.


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