All-in-one: martial arts, fitness and self-defense

Kickboxing at Zanshin Dojo Hamburg is the perfect high intensity group training for maximum results in fitness, fun, confidence and self-defense. With our 24 years of martial arts expertise, we have developed the optimal kickboxing training - whether beginners trying kickboxing for the first time or advanced students who want to improve and expand their technical knowledge!

ou! Through regular training you will feel more balanced, motivated and fit.

Lose weight and get fit with mit Kickboxing

Kickboxing as the ultimate fitness booster

Get fitter, lose weight, have fun! Kickboxing training is the optimal companion to your fitter self! If you want to burn a few extra calories, kickboxing burns over 600 calories per training session, depending on the intensity!

Beginner kickboxing/boxing

In the beginner kickboxing/boxing the basics of kickboxing/boxing are taught. Guide hand, punch hand, half circle kick and much more are the content of these units. The purpose is to prepare the beginners in small groups optimally for fitness kickboxing/boxing. Every member can participate in this training 4 times. This ensures that our trainers always have enough time for real beginners.

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Einsteiger Kickboxen im Zanshin Dojo Hamburg
Kickboxen Partner Pratzentraining im Zanshin Dojo Hamburg

Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness kickboxing teaches the punching and kicking techniques of kickboxing, which comes from America. The techniques are easy to learn and very sweaty. Here no one needs to be afraid of injuries, it is trained exclusively on punching pads and on the punching bag. Kickboxing lays the foundation for a sound training in martial arts and is also a lot of fun!

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Kickboxing/ Technical Kickboxing

Technical kickboxing is the continuation of fitness kickboxing. It is trained on hand paws and sandbags. In addition, partner exercises are worked out. For example: How do I defend myself against a jab-punch combination.

Technisches Kickboxen im Zanshin Dojo Hamburg
Gruppentraining im Kickboxen Zanshin Dojo Hamburg

Technical sparring

The technical sparring completes the offer. In the technical sparring all components of kickboxing and Thai boxing with protective equipment are trained under guidance without injury. Pad training, sandbag training and also sparring are the components of the lessons. In some courses, the emphasis is additionally shown in the plan. So every student has the possibility to compose his optimal training offer.

Focus on kickboxing Allerborn (examination program)

The traditional kickboxing training is a belt concept designed for athletic application, which was specially developed by Arthur Allerborn (24 Dan degrees in various martial arts) for his fighters. All contents can be applied 100% in sparring.

Trainiere bis zum Schwarzgurt im Kickboxen

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Find the right training session for you now. Over 30 kickboxing classes to choose from every week.

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