Kickboxing for children and youths

The kids and youth kickboxing is for the age group of seven to fourteen years. The kickboxing can easily be transferred into the Ju-Jutsu training. Since many of the youths have already been doing Ju-Jutsu for several years, kickboxing is a great way to keep them motivated and bring some variety into the training. Kickboxing can be and is also beeing trained a seperate form of sport.


Besides basic boxing school and a special training of leg techniques, there is also exam content from WAKO being taught. Therefor, in accordance to the training effort, children and youths can successfully participate in belt exams which will drastically enhance their long term motivation.

Injury free training comes before the idea of performance. All children can learn injury free kickboxing while having fun.

Trainiere Körper and Geist mit Kickboxing

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