Zanshin Dojo

Modern self defense for children and teenagers in Hamburg

In our Children-Ju-Jutsu at the Zanshin Dojo Hamburg we teach self-defense techniques as well as the examination contents of the individual belt colors. For this purpose, we have developed a special testing program for children.

Each age and ability group has the opportunity to participate in four to five different training sessions per week. We recommend one to two training sessions per week, depending on the child’s motivation. Of course, the training time can also be increased.

Your next belt exam

Twice a year, the children in Ju-Jutsu have the opportunity to participate in a belt examination at the Zanshin Dojo. For this purpose, extra preparation courses for children of different ages and graduation have been set up. So that the fun of the examination is not neglected, the examining trainers conduct the belt examination according to the training and examination concept of the Zanshin Dojo.

Ju-Jutsu competition training for children at Zanshin Dojo Hamburg

Competitive Ju-Jutsu training is voluntary and prepares children for competitive Ju-Jutsu. Here all motivated children from the yellow belt may participate. A prerequisite, however, is regular participation in lessons and, of course, in tournaments.

Free trial training

Arrange your free and non-binding trial training now.