Get fit together

Not only do we offer a wide range of different martial arts and fitness in our facilities, for many years we have been holding all kinds of seminars and incentives for companies around martial arts outside of the Zanshin Dojo. Motivating team events for your employees or even business partners can help you escape your everyday office life as well as improve the atmosphere within your team.

Besides the above-mentioned events, we also hold a wide-range of seminars for self-defense in order for you to be able to react in an apropriate way when it comes to dangerous situations in everyday life. Our qualified trainers will help you learn simple applicable techniques that will not only boost your self-confidence but also work in real life situations.

We even offer seminars around martial arts for school classes. Here, too, not only the self-confidence is being boosted, also the relation and team spirit between students and teacher is being improved.

Because of a competent and target-oriented consulting we have been able to satisfy big companies like Daimler AG or the Deutsche Bahn in the past and we hope that also you will profit from our years-long experience.