Dynamic Martial Art and Fitness

In the Zanshin Dojo you learn an injury-free kickboxing in a nice and friendly environment which will also benefit the general fitness.

When getting started with Kickboxing there is no certain fitness level or previous knowledge required. Kindness, fun and a fair interaction always have priority when it comes to our training.

Kickboxing makes you fit

We offer different classes in order for you to pick the training that suits you best. Besides the "regular" training you can also chose between following classes:

  • Fitness kickboxing with jab pads and punching bags
  • Sparring classes for advanced fighters that want to get in the ring
  • Classes just for women in which they can train for themselves
  • Kickboxing for youth from 14 to 16

Kickboxing is an ideal around fitness training and helps improve:

  • Reaction
  • Movement awareness
  • Coordination
  • Foot work
  • Body mechanic

Graduations and Sparring in Kickboxing

In special regular training classes you have the possibility to prepage for participating in belt exams in kickboxing. You can do kickboxing exams all the way up to the black belt.

Besides that, everyone can learn free fighting in special preparation seminars. Afterwards you can apply your before learnt skills in a fair light contact competition.

When it comes to our top quality training in the Zanshin Dojo we place value in a friendliy, injury free and fair training.