Ju Jutsu


Modern Self Defence

Modern Ju-Jutsu has been developed from different martial arts like judo, karate and aikido and incorporates a vast range of useful techniques from many different martial arts and styles. This makes it a versatile martial art for everyone. It can be adapted to the physical abilities of the practitioner and guarantees quick results. Black belt level is attainable for everyone after several years of dedicated training.

Graduations start with student grades (yellow, orange, green, blue, brown) and go on to the different master (dan) levels (black belt).

Ju-Jutsu - Martial Art and self defence

While Ju-Jutsu used to be practiced mainly by police officers in Germany, today the German Ju-Jutsu federation (DJJV) has over 55.000 members and Ju-Jutsu is practised by women, men and children of all ages. Special concepts for women's self defense or age-appropriate concepts for children have been developed and become part of the Ju-Jutsu curriculum.

Ju-Jutsu Competitions

The Zanshin Dojo Ju-Jutsu Fighting Team regularly and successfully takes part in the light contact German and International Ju-Jutsu Fighting Championships as well as in Forms (kata) Championships.

Due to the intensive cross-training, techniques from other martial arts can be incorporated in our Ju-Jutsu training, which has lead to more than 30 black belts (among them two 5th degree black belts and a European and a vice world champion) teaching and training Ju-Jutsu and other martial arts in Zanshin Dojo.