Boxing in Hamburg

Fitness-Boxing, Manager-Boxing & Sparring

Boxing enhances many different abilities - reaction, mobility, stamina and willpower. It also increases the general fitness level and is a great way to burn fat.
Zanshin Dojo has two full-sized rings for sparring in the advanced sparring classes.


These courses are built around the use of focus mitts and heavy bags to provide an injury-free training experience for everybody. Light contact sparring is taught and practiced in additional sparring classes for advanced students.

Manager-Boxing / Boxsparring

You are taught funded boxing techniques which you can apply in an easy manager boxing sparring, along with other boxing classes.

Mid-Day Boxing

We offer a high intensity 30 minute boxing workout (and also some 60 min courses) during the day. You can train before or after work or in your lunch break. These courses focus on fitness, speed and power. A friendly and cooperative atmosphere ensures an efficient and injury-free training.