Martial Arts

Training for beginners and advanced students

Zanshin Dojo offers a wide range of different martial arts. The training concept is suited to beginners as well as advanced level students. You can start training at your own level at any time in the appropriate courses. Martial artists with years of experience as well as beginners with no previous experience will find courses in our schedule.  

We focus on an injury-free training and a cooperative atmosphere in all our courses.

Qualified martial arts training

Our trainers maintain the high standards of our courses by regularly attending seminars and training with specialised martial artists all over the world. Thus advanced level students can keep improving their skills. Martial artists from all styles are welcome in Zanshin Dojo.


Zanshin Dojo is well connected within the German and international martial arts community and hosts regional, national and international seminars several times a year. We are always open to new ideas and improvements.

Martial arts for kids

We offer an elaborate system of martial arts classes for kids in the afternoon, focused both on athletic and self-defense aspects. Ju-Jutsu as well as Brazilian JiuJitsu and Kickboxing for youths. For our youngest members we offer age-appropriate training in the Budo Gymnastics classes.

The concept of our kids groups enables the attendance of up to four classes for each age group each week. Responsible and respectful behaviour is a key point of our martial arts training for kids.