Martial art classes for children and youths

We offer an elaborate system of martial arts classes for kids  in the afternoon, focused both on athletic and self-defense aspects. Ju-Jutsu  as well as Brazilian JiuJitsu and Kickboxing for youths. For our youngest members we offer age-appropriate training in the Budo Gymnastics classes.

The concept of our kids groups enables the attendance of up to four classes for each age group each week. Responsible and respectful behaviour is a key point of our martial arts training for kids.

The focus of attention in our sports concept for children and youth is based on motoric skills, coordination and social contact and comes before the competitive sport. Therefore we pay a lot of attention to appropriate social manners as well as respect for each other. We train together and not against each other.

We have Ju-Jutsu belt exams every six month. The exams motivate and give children cocrete goals which support their sportive and physical development. To meet the kids' requirements, we created our own exam program.

Besides basic boxing school and a special training of leg techniques in Kids Kickboxing, there is also exam content from our exam program being taught. Therefore you have the possibility to participate in belt exams.

Injury free training comes before the idea of performance. All children can have fun and joy when learning the fascinating sport of kickboxing. If there are children who want to compete, they have the possibility to take our special competition classes.


What do I need for the training?

Our service team or the trainer himself can give you information about the equipment you need for the training in the Zanshin Dojo. In order to make the first Ju-Jutsu or Kickboxing training as comfortable as possible, we gladly borrow you gloves, belts and training suits.

Training variety for children and youth

You can take the right times from the the Kids Schedule.

Rules of behavior in the Zanshin Dojo

Dear parents, dear children,

in the Zanshin Dojo we have several rules that we like you to pay attention to so all everyone can have in the training.

  1. Please be on time for the training
  2. Every child has to check in before the training and check out after the training
  3. Wild behavior in the changing rooms are prohibited. After changing, please put the clothes into the bag and bring the bag into the training room
  4. You have to wear flip flops outside of the training room
  5. At the age of 5 years, all children are supposed to change independently and know how to tie their belt
  6. In order to prevent injuries or loss, please make sure to not wear watches and jewelry in the training
  7. Please use the bathroom before the training and not during the training
  8. Clean clothes, hands and feet as well as short fingernails
  9. Please don't bring glas bottles in the Zanshin Dojo
  10. There is no cussing in the Zanshin Dojo
  11. We are a team, any kind of arguing or fighting in the Zanshin Dojo is prohibited

If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, you are welcome to let our children trainer team know.

Training on holidays

We have a limited training shedule during the Hamburg holidays. There is no training for children on official holidays and exam days.