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Discover Martial Arts

In the Zanshin Dojo you can experience the largest Martial arts variety in Hamburg.

Experience combining martial arts with modern training in a unique athmosphere.

The largest variety

We offer more than 120 martial arts classes in 20 different disciplines in six different training Rooms - every single week!

Discover more About Us, the trainers and the whole Zanshin Dojo Team!

Kids' Training

For more than 15 years Martial Arts for Kids has been an integral part of our Dojo.

Our training methods and concepts have been developed to accomodate all age groups.

The Zanshin Dojo offers you a wide variation of ways to stay fit and healthy. One of our competent trainers will gladly help you develop an individual training shedule based on your needs and goals. Together you will discuss your fitness goals and find the perfect way to reach your goals. Interested? Get in Touch!