Fitness Kickboxing


General Fitness Training

When it comes to Fitness Kickboxing we purposely go without sparring (fighting). Anyone who wants to join our Fitness Kickboxing can enjoy a nice and friendly environment while injury-free improving the general fitness.

Kickboxing is a comparatively young martial art which was developed in the USA in the 70's, The foot work was taken from Karate and punching techniques were taken from boxing. 

A fitness kickboxing training is seperated in different parts:

  1. Warm up with shadow boxing or rope jumps for example
  2. Technique training with a partner and with jab pads
  3. Condition training on a punching bag in an interval training
  4. Stretching in order to stay injury free

Fitness and Self-Defense with Kickboxing

The advantage of Fitness-Kickboxing is burning fat and building muscles in a short matter of time. In an one hour training your body will be completely exhausted. 

Besides working on your fitness, self-defense plays a big role in Fitness Kickboxing. Techniques can be learnt quickly and be effectively used if nessescary. 

When beginning Fitness Kickboxing you don't need any experience or condition to participate. Friendliness, fun and a respectful behavior among eacht other is the main focus.