Martial Arts In Action

We choreogroaph convincing fighting scenes for television, movie and showings. Our trainer team does not only have many years of experience with different kind of martial arts and self defense, it also knows how to believable present something in front of an audience.

All fighting sequences are based on your specification.  Small or authentic or big and breathtaking, it's always exciting. We always take the actor’s / actress’s qualities and abilities in consideration (like height, level of fitness, experience) and train the fighting choreographies then in the action training here at the Zanshin Dojo as well as the filming spot.

When needed we can provide training weapons as well as experienced performers.

Action Training

Our individual action training suits actors and models that want to be authentic in action scenes - also with no experience in martial arts.

Out offer includes different aspects:

With the actors we go through whole fight sequences, from the first steps to the persuasive performance. Experience in martial arts are not necessary. Our competent trainer team can teach you all essential basics and will make sure  that you get familiar with unusal movements.

Our head trainer Tim von Fintel will organize a trainer that suits your intentions.

For this purpose the safe procession with weapons is required which is often part of action scenes. We have a wide arsenal of training weapons.

Besides all action, we still make sure that injury free training has priority. You can find a small insight on what is possible in this short movie "Die stärkste Oma der Welt".


Basic Training

Our basic training gives you the possibility to try new movement pattern as well as new situations. Different from a specified fighting choeographpy or a regular fighting training the main focus is trying different martial arts with or without weapons.

Individual Fitness

Customized fitness training as a preparation to physical hard appearances as well as road shows.