Film & Photo

Film & Photo

Shooting location Zanshin Dojo

The Zanshin Dojo offers its modern and stylish rooms also as a service for film and television.

Location Service

Two boxing rings, the Box Gym in  a New York loft syle, a Japenese Dojo, the big Werkshalle, the Block A, the Studio and a bar for shooting, photo shooting and presentations.

Action Training

Individual training for actors in order to make action scenes appear authentic.


We choreographe and practise persuasive fighting scenes for television, film and showings.

Martial Art-Shows

We direct Martial Art shows for breathtaking moments. Ideal for conventions and events.

Shootings in the Zanshin Dojo

With its Box Gym, the stylish japanese Dojo, the big Werkshalle, the Block A, the modern Studio, the competent team and the friendly ambience the Zanshin Dojo has a very special athmosphere. Several production companies have already used that for their production. You can find more at the References.