Zanshin Dojo

The Largest Martial Arts Variety

The Largest Variety

Enjoy the largest variety of martial arts at Zanshin Dojo - all year round!

We offer more than 120 martial arts classes in 20 different disciplines in five different training spaces - every single week!

Kids' Training

For more than 15 years martial arts training for children has been an integral part of our dojo.

Our training methods and concepts have been developed to accomodate all age groups.

Modern Fitness

We offer almost endless ways for you to stay fit & healthy.

Together we define your personal fitness goals and find the way to reach them!

Why not test us?

You are welcome to come round for a trial session – no strings attached. Interested? Than drop us a line or call us at +49 40 89070353. We are looking forward to meeting you!